Tough Competition Deserves Agility

Applying the fundamentals since 1994

Good Business With Integrity

Today�s business environs demand that businesses maintain their process integrity for information. Stockholders and regulators demand the production of accurate financial statements and supporting documents. Victoria Johnson Consulting offers these solutions to mid-market public and private companies with efficient, planned execution.

Our client�s successes are based on innovative solutions we have applied in more-than 10 years in business practice. Simply put, we transform business operations. Our recommendations and planned execution economizes effort and sustains quality for our client.

The Victoria Johnson Consulting Practice uses it's components to assist clients who maintain a global presence. Our client base in communications, financial services and real estate verticals can attest to our level of flexibility in partnership. This flexibility is supported by our desire to give clients the personalized attention they deserve.

We structure all client interactions for an immediate return on investment. As management consultants, we offer solutions in financial operations management that are borne out of a tri-tiered practice which includes financial operations management, systems integration, and financial market regulatory compliance.

The Tri-tiered Practice

Operations Management For Data and Process (OMDP) - This practice generates solutions to mid-market businesses looking for innovation with their existing information architecture.  We plan and execute business processes.  Our implementation strategies support client performance within the long-range strategy.

To our clients� benefit, OMPD is sustained by our in-depth knowledge of business process and data analysis methodologies, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions including

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)
  • Peoplesoft
  • Oracle

Systems Integration - This practice handles the start-up or conversion of financials systems by implementing our recommended business process strategy. We use a process management style that integrates our solutions with the client�s long range strategy. The key to our process lies in the merger with our recommendations with client systems to ensure that the resulting strategy reflects efficient data integration and protection for information systems.

Regulatory Compliance - This practice comprises our internally developed framework, based upon the statutes of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the application of industry standards to internal controls. We help our clients' prepare for an information technology and financial systems audits, while recommending strategy for compliance fulfillment.

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