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How To Identify Your Innovators

Business Articles | June 21, 2012

Since innovation is an important part of your business strategy, it is important that you know how to identify innovators that can push you forward. Read on to discover how to do it.

Even though we all have heard pundits saying that innovation is dead, that it is just an obsolete idea during the days when things are just rough and tumble in the information technology business, the concept of improving your business process will always be there. This is even more obvious in the IT telemarketing business. Getting more IT leads always leaves room for improvements. You know that IT consulting leads from different prospects will require different tactics in approaching. So you have to innovate. And yes, that means innovation is not dead. In fact, this is the one factor that can affect your business and its capacity to adapt to market changes. This means you have to look for people who can do it. Now that is a tricky task, right? But it is possible. You see, innovators are:

  1. Always restless, intellectually – these people can hardly rest after they have done something. You can bet that they will be looking for more challenges, something that can stimulate them. Often, they will take your current system, see what is wrong in it, and then propose improvements. They are assets who can really help you analyze what is needed in your business process, and have the means to make the necessary corrections.

  2. Inspiring, not convincing – one quality that makes innovation hard to concretize is the fact that it is not concrete to begin with. Innovating means navigating through the fog with a candle, not exactly sure whether you really are going in the right direction. That is why innovators must have vision, and are willing to take the risk leading others towards that goal.

  3. Proven at the task – one way to gauge an innovator’s ability to get the job done is by looking at their past performance. You see, innovators that have produced good results in the past tend to still produce good results in the future. You pretty much cannot liken it to stocks. Sure they are both investments, you can tell which one can have a big drop.

  4. Peak achievers – sure, we might have measurements or metrics that we use to determine whether an innovator is up to the job or not, but nothing beats one that have actually reached the top. You will need such achievers in your business, since they are most likely to be more comfortable talking to you about goals and reaching them, like in IT appointment setting work.

  5. Ready to hop on board – true innovators are actually glorified lovers of risk. They relish the chance to take on tasks that may be bigger than themselves. Yes, it might intimidate those who are faint of heart, but they really do it. They reason that, when they succeed, the rewards would also be equally larger than themselves, too. They are practically the people that you would want to keep at your side in your business.

Really, innovators are the people you can trust in your IT telemarketing campaign. You should invest in such people.


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