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Executed a 9 month plan - Data Migration from Unix.

  • MS Windows Server 2008
  • MS SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP rel. 10


  • Focus: Billing and Finanical Processes
  • Develop and execute an implementation plan to convert financial systems to include:
  1. Side-by-side process audit
  2. Test parameters for applications controls
  3. Test scripts and execution plans
  4. Training for transition processes for 15-member staff
  5. Desktop processes for each process according to job function
  6. Improved reporting for logistics and operations


  • Execute full recommendation in action plan to Western Studio Service Senior Management for accounting process conversions in three critical functions:
  1. Billing
  2. Accounting
  3. Reporting
  • Using a browser-based technology, supported by SQL Server 2005, convert all critical functions
  • Test critical functions in a 2 month roll-out. Dual system audit of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Billing processes against legacy system processes in critical functions
  • Train entire accounting,and logistics staff and managers, in new database entry and reporting processes
  • Author process and policy manuals for staff, and department managers with master manuals

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