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Bell Atlantic: Start-up Operations for Internet Service Provider Division

PeopleSoft Accounts Receivable System Implementation


  • Create a finanical servicing system for a multi-client, service-bureau environment, servicing new business divisions and external clients.
  • Design  Accounts Receivable for servicing >10,000 account records monthly, accommodating four to six user interfaces at various security levels.
  • Prepare the solution to include service expansion to new client business, expected within 9-12 months after implementation.


  • Design process requirements for AR and ancillary systems in customer service & strategic marketing
  • Create interface capabilities with billing module
  • Test process capability & system capacity for current and future client/server environment
  • Implement permenant accounts receivable processes for multiple client groups

Solution Provided

  • Victoria Johnson Consulting managed costs and effort for the IT implementation within budget.
  • Client's estimated ROI: 5% over five years.
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